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Dark Labs – Crack Reloaded review

The Polish supplement manufacturer Dark Labs caused quite a stir with its first pre-workout booster crack and made the hearts of all friends of hardcore stimulants beat faster - including our (https://boosterjunkies.de/produkt-reviews/dark-labs-crack-test/). But anyone who thought Dark Labs would rest on its deserved laurels was wrong. With the Crack Gold Limited Edition, the already resounding effect of the Crack Original was topped again, not least through the combination of DMHA and DMAA. In the meantime, the Dark Labs portfolio has expanded significantly and includes not only hardcore boosters but also fat burners, SARMs, testosterone boosters and a few other products.

With its latest supplement release, the Crack Reloaded, Dark Labs is once again backing its best-known workhorse, which of course also fuels a certain level of expectation. Will the Crack Reloaded live up to its name and live up to the high expectations? Only a detailed test can show this.

Image from Dark Labs Crack Reloaded
Ingredients from Dark Labs Crack Reloaded
Image reloaded from Dark Labs crack

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Dark Labs - Crack Reloaded

  • Extremely fast and long-lasting energy boost
  • Laser focus at its finest
  • Hardly any side effects

What's included: Ingredients and dosages from Dark Labs Crack Reloaded

Amount per serving (1 scoop / 9,2g)Amount per serving (2 scoops / 18,3g)
L-citrulline Malates 2: 13000 mg6000 mg
Beta Alanine1600 mg3200 mg
Choline Bitartrate500 mg1000 mg
agmatines Sulfate500 mg1000 mg
Lion's Mane Extract500 mg1000 mg
Alpha GPC 50% 300 mg600 mg
Beta-phenylethamine250 mg500 mg
N-Phenethyl dimethylamine citrate250 mg500 mg
Caffeine Anyhdrous175 mg350 mg
Caffeine Citrate75 mg150 mg
Kaff2 Malates (Dicaffeine Malates)50 mg100 mg
Theobromine HCL50 mg100 mg
Isopropylnorsynephrine25 mg50 mg
noopept15 mg30 mg
Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract1 mg2 mg
Huperzia Serrate 50 mcg100 mcg


With 18 ingredients, the label is the most comprehensive of the series. It is immediately noticeable that Dark Labs is taking a slightly different path than before with the crack Reloaded. So this time neither find themselves DMHA or DMAA in the booster again. Nevertheless, the Crack Reloaded is of course again peppered with all kinds of hardcore stimulants. With a serving size of 1 scoop (9,2 grams) or 2 scoops (18,3 grams), which corresponds to 40 or 20 servings, Dark Labs gives you the choice here, depending on your previous experience.

The following ingredients and dosages (based on 2 scoops) are included in Crack Reloaded:

L-citrulline Malates 2:1: The non-essential amino acid L-citrulline stimulates nitrogen oxide production and promotes blood circulation (pump effect). With that they will Muscles better supplied with oxygen and nutrients provided. In addition, pollutants are removed faster and better. at Citrulline-Malate 2:1 is the amino acid Citrulline in a 2:1 ratio (Citrulline to malate) bound to an ester. The malate optimizes the aerobic metabolism and improves the supply of energy to the muscles. With 6000 mg there is a good dosage (of which 4000 mg pure L-citrulline).

Beta Alanine: The effect of Beta Alanine, a non-essential amino acid that is also non-essential, starts directly in the cells. By increasing carnosine levels and reducing lactic acid production, intramuscular pH is reduced. As a result, muscle fatigue sets in later and longer and harder training sessions are possible. The best effect is achieved with a longer-term and daily intake. 3200 mg is the optimal dosage and we find it here.

Choline Bitartrate: This is a micronutrient that plays a crucial role in the transmission of information in the brain. In addition, the fat metabolism is also decisive Choline definitely. 1000 mg is well dosed.

agmatines Sulfates: As well as L-citrulline leads too agmatines to an increased pump. However, the way to get there is different: agmatines inhibits the action of the nitric oxide synthase enzyme, which severely limits nitric oxide production in the body. The consequence of taking Agmatine is an elevated level of nitric oxide. By the way: At Agmatine it is a metabolic byproduct of the amino acid L-arginine. With 1000 mg there is also a good dosage here.

Lion's Mane Extract: Lions Mane is a mushroom with nootropic properties. Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, the mushroom supports synapse formation, optimizes brain performance, and protects the brain. 1000 mg is an extremely potent dosage.

Alpha GPC 50%: Alpha GPC is considered a precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine and has positive effects on memory performance. The nootropic is very popular among athletes, not least because of its razor-sharp focus. The optimal dosage is 600 mg.

Beta Phenylethylamine: Phenylethylamine stimulates the release of norepinephrine and dopamine and thus has a mood-enhancing effect. In addition, the norepinephrine ensures that heart rate, blood pressure and blood flow are increased, which leads to better training performance. In addition, phenethylamine causes an increase in blood sugar levels. The Crack Reloaded contains 500 mg, which is a good dosage.

N-Phenethyl dimethylamine citrate: Better known as Eria Jarensis this ingredient is present in many boosters and is known for its psychotropic effects. Eria Jarensis has a motivation-increasing and focusing effect. As a bronchodilator, it also ensures that the airways are widened, which leads to better oxygen supply. A whopping 500 mg Eria Jarensis can be found here.

With three different forms of Caffeine Dark Labs wants to increase the energy level as quickly as possible, but also keep it available for a long time. Caffeine Citrate (150 mg) is readily available while Kaff2 Malates™ (Dicaffeine Malates) (100 mg) ensures the longer-lasting effect. The third form of caffeine is Caffeine Anhydrous (350 mg) included, i.e. anhydrous Caffeine, which is used in most boosters. Caffeine has a performance-enhancing, mood-enhancing and motivating effect. Altogether there is about 500 mg in Crack Reloaded Caffeine (since the citrates in Caffeine Citrates and the malates in Dicaffeine Malates the total caffeine content is lower overall).

Theobromine HCL: Theobromine is mainly found in cocoa. The effect is comparable to Caffeine, but is significantly weaker. This contains 100 mg.

Isopropylnorsynephrine: Chemically very similar to synephrine has Isopropylnorsynephrine better bioavailability. Isopropylnorsynephrine has a lipolytic effect, i.e. fat breaking down. The active ingredient also improves blood circulation and sharpens focus. 50 mg is a very good dosage.

noopept: The noopept It is one of the best known and most effective nootropics. noopept increases cognitive performance and memory. In addition, the active ingredient has a calming and anxiolytic effect. 30 mg is optimally dosed.

Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract (std min 90% alpha Yohimbine): Or in short: Alpha Yohimbine. Known primarily as a fat burner, especially for the last stubborn fat pads in the problem areas. The ingredient owes its unique effect to its ability to bind to α2 fat cell receptors - and thus deactivate fat storage. On top of that, Alpha works Yohimbine also an appetite suppressant. You will definitely notice the 2 mg contained here, especially if you are sensitive to Alpa Yohimbine responding.

Huperzia serrata (hr. min 1% Huperzine-A): Obtained from the Asian plant of the same name, this ingredient has an outstanding effect on cognitive abilities. The substance improves memory, increases the ability to concentrate and increases learning ability. With 100 mcg there is also a very good dosage here.

Conclusion ingredients:

With the Crack Reloaded, Dark Labs relies on a number of ingredients that are aimed in particular at increasing the energy level and at a razor-sharp focus. The composition of the ingredients seems sensible, the respective dosages can be regarded as very good and are based on the recommended dosage recommendations. The quality of the ingredients used at Dark Labs is also beyond doubt. The best quality ingredients are always used here. The type and composition of the label gives reason to expect a lot.

Dark Labs Crack Reloaded box design

The recognition value for Crack OG is definitely given, even if the color scheme of the can differs from the original. Dark Labs advertises "Laser Sharp Focus", "Tunnel Vision", "Huge Pump" and "Crazy Energy" on its product. As usual, on the back of the can you will find all the important information such as the recommended intake and the ingredients. The recommended intake is divided again into "Regular User" and "Hardcore User", i.e. 1 or 2 scoops.

Dark Labs Crack Reloaded - Taste and Solubility

The Crack Reloaded is available in the three flavors Cherry Limeade, Green Apple and Tangerine Orange.

We chose the Cherry Limeade flavor. The recommended intake is 1 scoop (9,2 grams) or 2 scoops (18,3 grams), mixed with 10-12 oz (i.e. around 300 to 350 ml) of water, consumed 30 minutes before the start of training.

The solubility of the powder is good, only small residues remain at the bottom of the shaker.

In terms of taste, the Crack Reloaded isn't a revelation, but it's absolutely fine - also considering the extensive label. You can taste the cherry limeade taste, with the sweet cherry taste predominating and the acidity taking a back seat. In the finish you can taste a slightly bitter and chemical undertone.


The Effect of the Dark Labs Crack Reloaded

First of all: No booster has the same effect on all consumers, so reports of effectiveness are always subjective reports. The Crack Reloaded was tested several times by two team members; the sensations were similar for both. It was tested with both one and two scoops. Our experience relates to two scoops.

🤓 alertness and energy (9,5/10)

Crack Reloaded takes effect extremely quickly. This happens around 10 minutes after ingestion Beta alanine in the form of the typical tingling sensation, particularly noticeable on the face. Almost at the same time, a true wave of energy sets in. The heartbeat increases massively, the desire for the upcoming training session increases and you start sweating slightly before the training has even started (here the Alpha Yohimbine to greet). We can also detect any trembling of the hands. In terms of alertness and energy, Crack Reloaded is actually one of the strongest boosters that we have tested. The energy level increases further, reaches its peak after about 45 minutes and lasts what feels like half the day. Even long training sessions are definitely no problem with the Crack Reloaded. Here Dark Labs has three with its combination Caffeine-Forms done everything right. From our experience, you can consume the Crack Reloaded 10 to 15 minutes before training and do not have to wait the recommended 30 minutes, as the energy kick occurs quickly and quickly.

🤯 Focus and Drive (9/10)

Just like the energy level, focus and drive are also at a top level. You focus completely on your exercise, on the weights, on the next set and you are mentally completely in the gym. Only the slight "nervousness" at the beginning of the training (trembling hands, extreme heartbeat) prevent a higher rating here. With increasing training duration, however, the focus increases, since the side effects mentioned subside. The drive during training, on the other hand, is almost inexhaustible.

💪 Pump and Vascularity (8/10)

Here, the Crack Reloaded falls a bit short compared to the two previous categories, but still achieves a slightly above-average level. Here, too, the slightly shaky feeling at the beginning of the training prevents a higher rating, which somewhat inhibits the mind-muscle connection and thus the perfect control of the target muscles. However, the strong energy level and the hard training that is possible as a result promote the pump effect, which pushes the rating up a bit.

😈 Performance and exhaustion (9,5/10)

The performance in the gym is strong. The energy pack that the Crack Reloaded provides you with literally forces you into a hard and intense training session, you can't sit still and you always want more. Towards the end of the training you have to force yourself to stop, as the energy level and, above all, its long-lasting effect would give even more. However, the degree of exhaustion increases accordingly afterwards and the risk of overexertion is simply too great. So: Don't overdo it, even if the crack reloaded tries to tell you something else here 😉

☠️ End of action and side effects (9/10)

The end of the effect is gentle, since the energy level drops slowly accordingly. The side effects are limited and are limited to an increased feeling of thirst during exercise and a moderate to moderate suppression of hunger after exercise. We did not find any other side effects.

Price-Performance Ratio

With a price of 56,95 euros for 20 portions (with 2 scoops) and a resulting portion price of around 2,85 euros, the Crack Reloaded is priced in the upper class. However, the effect is also top class, as are the active ingredients used. Dark Labs does not skimp on the dosages either and provides you with the sensible dose - even with the higher-priced and cost-intensive ingredients. Dark Labs does not skimp here. We can therefore describe the price as quite reasonable. If only one scoop is used, the price per portion is halved accordingly. Especially for beginners and not so heavy athletes, 1 scoop will be enough. Due to the high total caffeine content, we also generally recommend starting with a scoop, at least when trying Crack Reloaded for the first time.

Over-all conclusion

With the Crack Reloaded, Dark Labs has brought a booster onto the market for the first time, which is based entirely on the addition of DMAA or DMHA waived. We can say: the premiere was a success. With the Crack Reloaded, the manufacturer has meaningfully expanded its portfolio and brought a product onto the market that is particularly convincing due to its strong and long-lasting energy level. The combination of three forms of Caffeine makes the difference here and ensures that the energy kick comes on quickly, lasts for a long time and fades away gently. The combination of the best and strongest nootropics is also more than noticeable and ensures a strong focus during training.

Image reloaded from Dark Labs crack

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Dark Labs - Crack Reloaded

  • Extremely fast and long-lasting energy boost
  • Laser focus at its finest
  • Hardly any side effects
At a glance...
Our rating
  • Extreme energy, quick onset and long lasting
  • Strong focus
  • Quick onset of action
  • Side effects are limited
  • Pumps could be better
  • Not cheap, but worth the price
Alertness and energy9.5
Focus and Drive9
Pump and Vascularity8
Performance and exhaustion9.5
Effects and side effects9

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